How It Works

TRAXLOGIX 's TRX-600™ uses various technologies to locate and communicate. Before we describe how the TRX-600 device work, it’s essential to understand the technologies involved.

What is GPS?
Developed by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide, satellite-based, radio navigation system. GPS can give you the exact position of your vehicles, no matter where they are, what time it is, or what the weather is like. A total of 24 satellites orbit the earth, monitored continuously by stations on the ground. The satellites transmit signals that can be detected by GPS receivers in your vehicles and used to determine their location with great accuracy.

How does GPS work?
Each GPS satellite transmits radio signals that enable the GPS receivers to calculate where it (or your vehicle) is on the earth. The receivers convert the calculations into geodetic latitude, longitude, and velocity. A receiver needs signals from at least three GPS satellites to pinpoint the position of your vehicle. GPS receivers used in most vehicle tracking systems can only receive data from GPS satellites. They cannot communicate back with GPS satellites or any other satellite. A system using GPS can only calculate its location; it cannot send its location to a central control room. In order to send its location to a central control room, a system using GPS normally uses GSM-GPRS cellular network connectivity using an additional GSM modem/module.

What is GSM ?
GSM, short for the Global System for Mobile Communications, is a popular mobile communication system provided by cellular service providers or GSM operators in most countries. It is used for in most mobile handsets used by us. GSM Mobile communication system can be intelligently used by electronic devices which can collect some data and send it to the central place using SMS or GPRS data call. GSM is required in Vehicle tracking systems because GPS system can normally only receive location information from satellites but cannot communicate back with them. Hence we need some other communication system like GSM to send this location information to central control room. Other technologies can also be used but they are more costly.

What is GPRS?
The General Packet Radio Service is a communication service introduced by GSM operators. The service is part of the same GSM network. It ensures the secure transfer of content such as digital photos to another GPRS-capable system. An example of a service based on GPRS is MMS (the Multimedia Messaging Service). GPRS is required in case we want to transfer data to TraxConnect the central control server. GPRS does not involve additional hardware, but we need to use more advanced GSM modules that support GPRS. Note that GPRS services are now provided by nearly all GSM operators.

How do Traxlogix's TRX-600 products work?
The TRX-600™ device, once activated, sends its GPS position at regular intervals to our TraxConnect platform, when the GPS position sent is located outside an authorized geo-geographical area defined by the user (aka geofencing area), the platform will alert you by sending notifications messages. The TRX-600 ™ allows you to be notified if your vehicle or craft is moved without your consent. In case of theft, GPS geolocation allows you to follow the movements of your vehicle or craft and to prevent the police authority if necessary. The TRX-600™ includes free access to our TraxConnect ™ platform via your smartphone, tablet or computer. This access allows you to view the mapping and configure the automatic sending of alerts. The TRX-600 ™ is self-powered by a high-capacity, non-rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 18 months, no wired connection is required, therefore there is no risk of loss of warranty of the manufacturer of your vehicle or craft! Except for the replacement of the battery when it is discharged, no airtime, SIM card, communication costs or other charges are to be expected. The reduced size of the TRX-600 ™ allows you to use it to protect your watercraft, boat, sailboat, outboard engine, caravan or trailer.


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